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Mirror Design Challenge


Welcome to kemitt mirror challenge, our first design challenge in 2020, this time we are challenging you to reinvent the way we see ourselves, the mirror challenge.

Modern mirrors (The silvered-glass ones) may have originated in the 19th century, but mirrors, in general, have actually been around for much longer time, some researchers say that the first mirrors were manufactured out of ground and polished obsidian (volcanic glass) about 8,000 years ago.

So, we in kemitt as a designer-led platform are inviting all the furniture and product designers to take another look at the design of our daily used mirrors.

the challenge is to design an (everyday mirror), think simple but creative to design a mirror that you love your look in it and the way it looks.


  • in addition to the normal silvered-glass mirror, you can use a variety of materials: Wood, MDF, Wood veneer, Metal stripes, Led lights.
  • CNC and laser cut techniques are acceptable.
  • full metal designs are not applicable to this challenge.
  • maximum size for product (your design) is 180cm×180cm.
  • maximum number for submissions is 3 designs for every single designer.

Submission requirements:

  • fully detailed shop drawing in in black and white.
  • 3d renders are preferred but not required.
  • submissions should be in one file in PDF format named (mirror challenge - YOUR NAME)
  • submissions are only acceptable through kemitt website (


The challenge  is open (internationally) for all designers and makers around the world, with no restrictions from any kind.

How to apply:

1- go to and create an account as a designer.

2- go to your Dashboard then my products and click on add product.


3- upload the pdf file, make sure to check (ticket for current challenge ) button.


  • Challenge launch       Jan 15, 2020   First day to accept designs.
  • Submission deadline   Jan 31, 2020   last day to accept designs.
  • Winner announcements          Feb 05, 2020  Winner announcements on and social media


  • Only one winner will be announced.
  • The winning design will be manufactured and given to the winner as the first prize in our office.
  • The winner will have a chance to spend a day with kemitt team and see how things works.
  • will shoot an interview with the winner to be posted on all our social media platform.


This challenge is a call for ideas and whilst there is no firm commitment to implement the winning design, all submissions could be used as products on kemitt if they match our products guidelines with full rights to the original owners.

Further Information:

For any questions please reach us through our social media accounts or email us: [email protected]