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The Art of Design: Juanny Barcelò Borges.

This time we introduce you to our very talented Juanny Barcelò, who’s recognized for his unique designing style. This designer was one of the first designers to partner with Kemitt from the land of furniture design, Italy.

Juanny Designed many unique products to be featured exclusively on Kemitt, as we at Kemitt our main objective is that the design becomes accessible to any place in world, without being held back with physical barriers. That’s why we reinvented the process of designing and manufacturing, to make products with unique designs like Juanny’s, to be accessible products to people around the world.

So, what about Juanny?

Well, here Juanny tells us a little about his designing journey.

Juanny studied industrial design in Italy, after graduation he worked for famous designer as Roberto Semprini, and Gumdesign in Italy, and moved to for Alexander Lamont in Bangkok, Thailand. As Juanny said, this period was transforming for him, “Where I met amazing and talented people, and had the opportunity to work with different materials, on different products, in different work environments, for international clients.

- How were your beginnings, and what inspired you to become a furniture designer?

“Every new product is a different exciting challenge full of surprises and learning experiences.” ~ Juanny Barcelo

In his beginnings, Juanny started as a graphic designer, but afterward, he decided that 2d wasn’t challenging enough for him! And he discovered his passion for furniture and product design.

When we asked Juanny, how would he define his designing experience? - He answered us with one word, Captivating!

Juanny defines his style as a graphic sculptural synthesis, through an Afro-Latin vision, which definitely influenced many of his designs, but as he said it all comes back to the client, as some brands prefer

emotional products over functional ones, and vice-versa. “The design process changes according to which of the two, the brand wants to give more relevance to.”, and this is how he balances between function and style.


What makes your designs unique? It is a question that every designer has to be asked.

Juanny believes in a minimal story-telling design, characterized by maximalist details. As he said “It is challenging, and that's why is exciting and surprising and captivating at the same time.”


"Elegant and eclectic”

The Paradosso style as Juanny described it.

“The idea came from the research of interpreting narrative techniques like rhetorical figures. For instance, metaphors, analogies, allusions, etc... in this case using the contrast of paradox for the concept and alliteration for the recurrent details. Both connected by the idea of graphic sculptural design which was the starting point to develop the design of the shape in addition to asking open-ended questions to the company Kemitt in order to better understand them and involve them in the design process, to achieve the goal as a team. “ ~ Juanny Barcelo

The Pontile table design

“Inspired by Marina di Ravenna sea. As the piers on the water, the Pontìle coffee-table is a structure projected on the living room, distinctive and funky “

The future of the furniture industry

For many years of experience in the furniture designing sector, Juanny believes that the future of the furniture industry will be for more human- centered products. “therefore, furniture and product design must be more emotional, evocative and natural.

Juanny’s advice for young furniture/product designers

“The advice I could give is: proportions and a fine combination of surfaces, materials, and colors, are the key for a complete design”

-How was your experience with kemitt?

“It was exciting! The communication with the company Kemitt was and it still is excellent. It is very important for the design process to collaborate with and open-minded communicative brand“ ~Juanny Barcelo

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Juanny Barcelo, this talented designer is already on kemitt, you can find all his designs and products on our website! And if you think you have unique designs that you want to share with the world? Sign-up now and join a unique community of talented designers from around the world!