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In a nutshell, Kemitt is a new revolutionary platform, built specially for product designers from all over the globe, offering them the opportunity to sell their unique designs in new markets, risk and hassle-free. Kemitt handles all the manufacturing, overhead, and shipping processes to the customer. Kemitt is currently focusing on furnishing solutions and accessories for homes, offices and hospitality establishments.

Our Story


We believe in the value of providing unique products and offering our customer base exclusive designs, built specifically to meet their different needs. From here we took on the mantle of launching Kemitt, a new online platform that revolutionizes the designer-customer relationship. Kemitt allows designers to see their ideas come to life and reach customers from all around the world. The customer in return gets the chance to explore a wide variety of exclusive design ideas, crafted by designers from different cultures, backgrounds, and locations.


What we offer:


1-Variety & Convenience:

Unlike local businesses that can only offer limited styles and designs, Kemitt is a hub for International product designers therefore, our customers can expect a wide variety of multicultural designs. For example, a customer in Egypt can order a product that was designed by one of our designers in Italy and get shipped to their doorsteps, without having to worry about shipping, handling or customs’ fees.




Kemitt committed to providing top-quality, high-end products that conveniently be delivered to our customers all over the world. Our services include the supervision and execution of all manufacturing and handling process, by our highly trained teams.


3-Unique & Self-customized Products:


One of the special features we offer our customers is the ability to track and make changes/additions to the design process, through iDesign. This feature allows customers to add their personal touches to their product which gives them a sense of personalization.


4-Resistance of Copyrights Theft for Our Designers:


This one is for the designers. Designers are often the victims of copyright theft when their ideas are copied without their permission. Kemitt provides designers the opportunity to maximize the profit of their designs while keeping the copyrights. Each designer’s name will be tied to their products.